It's our healthy breakfast time

Let me introduce to you my very happy healthy breakfast set

prepared by both me and mel almost every morning
(when there's no morning lectures)

Peggy decided to join us this morning
so Mel prepare for her as well ^^
coz we are friend friend mar *hehe*

My personal agent aka Mel mel and me both have a very strong passionate towards food since last time

due to the fact that we dont have enough POUNDS to enjoy a very delicious and expensive breakfast at any of the shop of cafe around oxford

we decided to make ourselves happy by prepared it in our very own kitchen at home XDD

we had counted the price and all, in conclusion

our healthy and yummy breakfast set only costs us about less than 60pence *very cheap right?*

a very healthy breakfast will make you happy the whole day ~by cannie

so dont forget to take your breakfast every morning ^^

ps to my Mom:

nah...i take my breakfast every morning's the prove *hehe*

guai leh ^^


Melz said...
Sat Oct 18, 11:32:00 pm

Cannot compare mine wif u de..
Urs looks more tempting lo..
Okay, u win coz ur bun looks nice..

We're healthy & Happy people =)

Chong Hui said...
Sun Oct 19, 08:28:00 pm

Actually your breakfast isnt very healthy. Too much fried stuff with oil!! hahaa

caNnie said...
Wed Oct 22, 03:58:00 am

mel mel:
urs also not bad la..
next time we take again lo..
wait till u finish ur pita bread ^^

yeah yeah~
healthy and happy people ^^

mr ng:
true also..
now only i realise ==
nvm least i take my breakfast everyday ok ^^
u come and cook for me la XDD