Yesterday was my last day of chambering
supposed to finished on the 12th
but bcoz i wanted to assist my master in a criminal trial
so i've decided to extend a few days
since i need to replace few days for the leave i took during the 9 months

here i am
completed my 9 months of chambering
people always said that this 9 months of chambering is tough and miserable
i kinda enjoy my chambering period
i have a great master
(although he can be very scary at times)
but he had taught me so many things and get me well prepared for my future in this profession
i also have some very very helpful and nice staffs to assist me along the way
not to mention the two really good mentor to guide me and gave me good advice when i needed it

i am really lucky to be part of you all

Thank you,
each and everyone of You.

counting down..

Another one more month to go until my long call
can't wait but worry at the same time
coz my hair is still short
n i need to start looking for a permanent job....

planning to go for a short holiday while waiting for my long call day
and planning for a long trip next year...

oh yeah
i got myself a white iphone4
super satisfied with the phone coz it always help me to kill time while waiting in court

gonna work harder to learn as much as i can in the coming month

B for Bangkok

Went to Bangkok for 4D3N with my family
was my first time to Bangkok
luckily we have Boe to bring us around and arrange everything

Bangkok is really a good place
From sight-seeing to shopping, food and massage!
no wonder all those Hong Kong stars like to spend their vacation there

and met the Nagoya gang in Bangkok too
reunion after 7 years
unbelievable ^o^

Me and sis almost went crazy in chaktukchak market
it is like a cheaper version of ximenting
u can get almost everything there
and the clothes are soooo cheap and nice
too bad we have only 2 hours to shop
next time, i will make sure i have one whole day to shop there XDD

and i seriously love the massage in Bangkok
it can bring u to heaven XDD

and my papa's friend intro us to this very nice German restaurant
the food and beer was soo nice

and we met Lady Gaga in that restaurant too XDD

Next trip: Bali in december
cant wait !!!!

Bye Bye YongSeo

Sometimes i really hate
because everytime when the couple get very close to each other
and things start getting really real
it will be the time to say goodbye
and the couple will leave the show

reality show they called it
they let us see the whole process
from two strangers to husband and wife
and from husband and wife back to two strangers
how can i not feeling sad when i have to see them saying goodbye to each other (and to me)

my sunday will be so boring without them...

Dream comes true

Say Hi to my dream car ^_____^

Thank you Daddy !!!

Dream comes true

Say Hi to my dream car ^_____^

Thank you Daddy !!!


am working on a Saturday again
when i am suppose to accompany my dear & his family to see his new condo
and go furniture shopping with him

but i can't
coz i am stuck with my submission
and my getting-up
and my SPA
and my research
which are all due by monday

how could it possible that every single precedent i found are against my case?
how could it possible that my case are soooooooooo weak that i couldn't think of any defence to help my client


i need to improve my research skill
and i am going to eat and sleep NOW
i wish that my submission are done when i wake up after my nap

Happy V-day

my first valentine's day with him
from next year onwards
only me will receive gift from him
and i do not have to buy anything for him anymore
because i am poor(?)

First Victory

was assisting my master in a criminal trial last week
and i was given chance to prepare the skeleton submission and getting-up for my master to present ( the judge wanted an oral submission)
although it was really rush and everything
because i need to prepare it once all the examination of prosecution's witness are done
it was a really good experience

yesterday was the judgment date
guess what? we won the case!!!
our clients were acquitted to all the charges =)
my master said we were lucky
but no matter what the reasons are
the feeling of winning a case is so great

after we walk out of the court
it was just like those scene in the drama
the client shaking our hands and thanking us

i have to say that my master is a really great lawyer
he was very sharp and fast
oh and he told me that the DPP is definitely going to appeal in this case
well, hopefully he don't

so that's it
my first victory with my master
civil hearing coming up next soon
gonna work harder liao~


Sitting in front of my laptop doing my criminal submissions since 12pm
its already 6pm now
and i still have A LOT to go

actually i have completed the whole submission yesterday in office
i was rushing straight after when i came back from court
and when i happily submit my work to my master
he asked whether i can translate it to Malay
ehem, how can i say no to my boss???? right????
and then he add more points and want me to do more getting-up on certain point
and it was 6.30pm already
and my manager want to close the office already
and i got no choice but to bring everything back home
and here i am
doing it since morning

and i am suppose to email it to my boss
and i think he needs it by today
and the bf is coming to pick me n sis n bro up for dinner in 2 hours time

this is chambering life
i am not complaining
and i am actually kinda enjoying it
but it can be very pek cek sometimes XDD

stop crapping and back to work
NOW !!!!


Finally made up my mind about my chambering after long long considerations
Went for an interview
or should i call it a meeting with my master today
and I shall start chambering next Tuesday

So here i am,
9 months of chambering
Gonna work really hard for the coming 9 months
and let's hope that 2011 is a better year for me

Cheers !!


First post of 2011
just woke up from sleep
and waiting for the others to wake up
coz we are suppose to go Malacca today

Went to a countdown party at Empire Hotel with my family and my baby and my bestie Boe from Bangkok yesterday night
get to see 6 fireworks
but all the fireworks were all really far away from us

i am kinda having headache now
but i am sure today is gonna be Fun
Nadeje, here i come !!!!