Little girl in the BIG city

went to london yesterday...
with my personal agent aka mel mel..
we woke up early in the morning and get on the Oxford tube
thanks to our uni rider card...
we've got a discount of 4 pounds *hehe*

since its a double decker bus
we decided to sat on the first seat on the upper deckand start our camwhoring session *haha*
both of us were in a super duple good mood
the weather was really warm and nice
so we had a chance to show our sun-glasses ^^

after around 2hours(?)
we reached london and our journey started from victoria station
yesterday was my very first time in london
even though Mel mel had been to london for so many times
she still cant recognise any places..
we decided to go around by following the map...haha

the first destination:
Buckingham Palace

we never go inside the palace
because we dont want to pay the admission fees XDD
so we just took pictures in the front door of the palace
there was so so many people and tourists around...haha

managed to get a italy(?) couple to take a pics for two of us *happy*

we walk across the Hyde park
heading towards london eye and big ben

these ducks were so so cute ^^ and fat..haha..
they were 'resting' besides the river

some of the ducks (?) even hide under the trees
to avoid the sunshines i suppose
because the sunlight was really strong
luckily i have my sun-glasses on ^^

then the second stop:
Horse Guard (or something i forgot==)

posing in front of the monuments...

can u see the london eye behind me?

while we walking towards london eye
we saw these Horse guard in their uniform
of course we wont missed out the chance to take pics with them

thanks to a chinese couple for taking this pic for us ^^

then we walk passed all the parliament buildings

when we turn into the city westminster bridge
we saw the Big ben !!!!!!

cant believe Big Beg was just in front of me...
after the big ben
we saw the london eye !!!!!!
touching the london eye *touched*
next, we headed towards Trafalgar Square and westminster
and we found the Chinatown !!!

there were so many chinese or at least asians around the chinatown

makes me so excited ^^


mel mel and me decided to have our lunch

we found this very delicious korean restaurant


we had korean foods as our lunch

in chinatown XDDD

the foods was really nice and the price is ok too ^^

after our lunch

its shopping time *hahaha*

walk around the oxford circus and piccadilly circus for hours ^^

both of us managed to grab a little shirt and then headed back to our Oxford

-the end-

ermm...i cant delete this tell u guys the story of the stupid flower on my bag next time


Melz said...
Mon Oct 13, 05:31:00 am

Ur post is super Long..
I tried to post but i think i wanna give Up..
Coz blogger give me banyak the Problem..

samantha said...
Mon Oct 13, 06:53:00 pm

lol... it's been a long time since I've saw you post in English!!!

Nice!! =)

And I still like that Underground picture the best.

wordfulgirl said...
Mon Oct 13, 10:40:00 pm

The korean fried rice looks nice... where's the shop? LOL!
Btw, your english is alrite. Gambatte!

Diyana said...
Mon Oct 13, 11:20:00 pm

hey hey! wow. so nice travel here n there. wat r u studying now?

it's Putri here by the way.

caNnie said...
Tue Oct 14, 03:06:00 am

to mel:
where got super long? i put a lot of pics mar...haha...
yeah...we really had so much fun ^^\

to sam:
yeah..because a lot of ppl cant read chinese lo
but i still prefer to write in chinese ^^

to bao bei:
the korean rice was really nice!!
the shop is juz somewhere near the TVB video shop (if u know) in chinatown
next time mayb we can go together

to putri:
so surprised to see your comment ^^
i am now in oxford, uk. doing law here ^^
where ar u now??
long long time nv see u aldy ler