Oh MY GOD !!!!!!

i know that British postal service is very efficient
but i dint know that it is THIS efficient
i got my CDs from Yesasia today
but i was lying half dead in my bed (due to stupid flu)
so i think one of my housemate received it for me

it took only THREE DAYS to reach me...
i so cant believe this

so let's see what CDs i had bought
for those who know me well
i am sure u know that i am a super big fans of MAYDAY
other than TVXQ

i had been waiting for my MAYDAY 7th album for sooooooo long
thanks to Sam
i was able to buy it from Yesasia
*Sam u are my super hero, seriously*
then since my TVXQ release a new version of their 4th album --- version C
note:my version A and B is still stuck in some post office in msia ==
i decided to grab ver C as well...*coz the songs are just too nice ^^ *

i am really lucky
coz still be able to grab the limited version of mayday's album
as it was all sold out in msia and hong kong and taiwan
luckily i reserved one in yesasia ^^

my Mayday 7th album *clap*
the limited version has one little cute calendar , DVD and also concert ticket
of course i cant go to the concert, but i still want to collect it
i love the calendar so much...even though i got no idea on how to fix it ==

my TVXQ version C album *clap*
the main reason i bought this version is because of the FOUR new songs
i really like the new songs
one of it is my background music you are listening to now... *if u never turn off the music XD *

the album comes out a very cute 'message from TVXQ'
with random pictures and their message
i will try my best to understand it (coz its in korean)
the random pictures are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok....*calming down*
so this is the story
feeling so much better now
i are soooooo HAPPY
even though i m sick...haha
thanks again to Sam
and thanks to the efficient British royal mail
and also Yesasia la
i am so HAPPY ~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


Chong Hui said...
Tue Nov 25, 03:27:00 am

wow...and i thought mayday disbanded years ago :P

caNnie said...
Tue Nov 25, 05:24:00 am

ng chong hui u wana die ah?!!! wat disbanded..ishhkkk!!!