Dear the VIP in my life

This Post is specially dedicated to my beloved Agent ---->

who is also my BEST friend + Classmate + Flatmate +
BEST cooking partner + lepak partner+
movie partner + crime partner + Food craving partner +....

basically we do everything together XDDD

this is her sexy sexy school girl look

we pan cute together ^^

we sampat together gether ^^

we travel around together

we shopping together gether ^^

due to the fact that i see you EVERYDAY 24-7
i really dont know what to say... haha
we have too many memories together
be it good or bad...
but 95% was good and sweet and happy happy memories
i am sure that we will have more WONDERFUL memory together
(obviously coz we are going to europe together mar...)

last but not least
Happy 21st Birthday !!!!!!!

Saranghaeyo ~!


Melz said...
Tue Dec 30, 03:15:00 am

Din manage to drop the comment on that nite-too excited & hurry to get blasted off by the surprise party at carole's place..
Neway, THANK YOU for wishin me & the pressie(Shock)..haha..
Looking back-we did haf lotsa fun huh..? Just got back from Euro tour!! Fuh-lala-lala..HAPPY**

I wana unpack my stuff de!!


caNnie said...
Tue Dec 30, 07:07:00 pm

haha....You are welcome ^^
hopefully you like your present
coz i really duno what to buy...hehe

i also wana unpack my things !!