UK Style ie Big portion XD

let me introduce you to Me and my Agent's dinner tonight
due to the over-supply of potatoes
we decided to cook western UK style dinner today

yes! the white thing is actually Mashed Potato, replacing RICE

of course must eat with our Chilli Sause *hehe* and my favourtie Mayonnaise ( i cant live without mayonnaise)

and this is the result...
my agent managed to force herself to finished all her food, and i...just cant ==
my stomach is full with my Apple Juice already
please dont be surprise when you see a FATTY CANNIE next year
i m so gonna gain many many weight here =="

one more Criminal Evidence Exam to go tommorrow
but i cant wait to go Paris already...
how how how??????????

*big sigh*


Melz said...
Thu Dec 18, 03:52:00 am

The fact that forcing to finish the food..Makes me BLOATED & soon to BURST...

hahhaa..U gain weight then i gain double-super the weight!!

samantha said...
Thu Dec 18, 05:33:00 am

Damn. Looks good. *drools*

caNnie said...
Mon Dec 22, 03:18:00 am

to agent:

i never force u to finish also mar...haha.. u really like potatoes huh...wuahahhaha...
nvm la...we both gain weight together... bcome pui bo agent + pricipal... ok wat...

to sam:
next time i cook for u ^^
i hate potato so much now