i m kinda lazy to talk about my milan trip
so let the pics tell the stories..

but before that...
To be honest
the first impression of Milan to me was that : Milan is such a kampung
me and jamie was kinda shocked when we looked down from the airplane's window
seeing all those kampung house below
milan is suppose to full with BIG buildings right?!
and when we reached our hotel
some unexpected event happened
we actually terbooked one extra room
but the hotel wouldnt refund the money
after fighting for our rights for about 2 hours
we got no choice but to take the extra room *wtfish*

but other than that
my milan trip was kinda awesome
i enjoyed it so so much
so let's see what i did in milan (the so called the world leading Fashion city )^^:

-> been to Castello Sforzesco

-> went to Galleria V.Emanuele

-> went to beautiful Duomo
-> ate the best pizza ever
-> stepped on the famous cow's XXXXX in Galleria V.Emanuele

-> ate the wonderful pastries

-> drink the famous Lemoncino

-> and drunk =="

-> enjoyed the yummy pure Heineken beer during dinner

-> ate Gelato(ice-cream) for three days

-> visited San Siro (even though i know NOTHING about football or AC Milan)

-> playing in the snow(?)
-> jumping in front of the castelo
-> went to a stupid shop which costs my friend 5Euro (=RM25) for a COKE, but the food was really nice...honestly

-> posing in front of Leornardo Da Vinci

-> ate the MUST-eat Luici(?)
-> saw Ferrari !!!!
-> bought the cute souvenir for myself (even though it is unrelated to Milan at all ==")

-> enjoyed my wonderful time with all my friends ^^

so this is my milan trip
i actually sleep and eat most of the time during the trip
because it was supposed to be a super relaxing trip^^
i still prefer Paris over Milan
but Duomo is definitely worth visiting
that's all
i m super hungry now
cant wait for Carole's dinner tonight ^^
oh btw
i get my first sem results yesterday
urmmm...i m quite satisfy with it
but i think i could do better
gonna work harder this sem
Ciaoz ^^


Melz said...
Tue Feb 03, 11:46:00 am

It's time..Ya know-organize another trip just for FOOD!!! Yay!!!

I will definately go-go-go wan lo..But expenses also kena jaga jaga la..nowadays, aku ada sikit kesian* ngek ngek!!