i mentioned in my last few post and facebook that i need a soft toy
everyone seems to ignore it (and even sabotage my facebook status)
but nevermind
coz someone bought it for me already *happy happy*

Say HI to my new Baby Yun aka HoHo

YuRu cant stop laughing when she knows that His name is HoHo
but i think it is cute (and also meaningful...hehe)
so i am not gonna change it XDD

A thousand Komawo to CYL!!!!!!!!!!
i seriously was shock when you put it in my bag like that
Thanks a lot and i like you *shy*
(kenot say i Love you coz the word 'LOVE' is reserved for u-know who)

i am going to HUG it everynight
coz it is damn cold lately and my stupid heater is not working *tears*

woo~~~~~happy nye^^


Melz said...
Mon Jan 19, 11:11:00 pm

Woa, Samantha say its a hensem bear..**

*wink wink*
I know who give wan le..
I know who is CYL le..
ngek ngek**

caNnie said...
Wed Jan 21, 04:51:00 am

yalar...hansem leh...
bai bai zeng zeng XDDDD

*wink wink*
like that lar...