i am hibernating in front of my laptop 24-7
watching all kinds of drama and show
currently this one is on top of my list :

Meteor Garden Korean Version

the F4 here are so HOT
even though i dont like the main actress (i am NOT jealous of her ok?)
but nvm
coz my eyes are looking at the daomingshi = Lee Min Ho most of the time

ignore the fact that his hair is weird
Lee Min Ho is so damn CUTE
even my Bao bei love him ^^

so sweet ^^
but anyway
my heart is still with my baby YoonHo
i found this pics today
some personal photo for his Uni magazines or something

how i wish my Uni has this kind of HOT guys like him...


Melz said...
Sun Jan 18, 02:36:00 am

No need wish de la..
Kita mia tempat tarak Good looking human**
Sob* Sob*
Say, just 50% looking like Joong also enuf de..

caNnie said...
Sun Jan 18, 06:09:00 am

wah...50% meh...
i got 10% also enough dy lerrr...
but yunho is so hot in specs right!!!!
OMG i love him so much XDDD