Surprised from Carole ^^

i received an offline message yesterday morning when i sign in my msn
its from carole
saying that she is preparing dinner for us
what will she cook is a secret and it is COMPULSORY for me to go
well...what can i do when she already command me to go? harm goin also ^^

so me-baby-pchi went groceries shopping with our chef and become her slave
then we went back to carole's kitchen to prepare food

pchi-carole-me (acting to cook)

so what's her secret????


its NASI LEMAK !!!!!

i seriously was shock when i found out that carole is cooking nasi lemak for us
and was really EXCITED !!!
coz i just told my baby the other day that we should buy some curry to cook

us waiting to eat out nasi lemak

carole's restaurant again, pack with customers ^^

it seems like i have to open a corner as 'carole's secret recipe'
so that i can introduce what she cook for us
i am so so so so lucky to be her friend
and i tell u...
the nasi lemak was BRAVO ~!


Melz said...
Sun Jan 18, 02:34:00 am

Super the Bravo!!
Which i see, if u open a bloggin spot just introducing her cooking rite.? Many ppl might just drop by Oxford to visit her mini lil' restaurant!!


caNnie said...
Sun Jan 18, 06:10:00 am

yalo..then two of us can earn money from that...
not bad huh?! can think think...
lately i broke liao mar