It's snowing ^^

Before i went to sleep yesterday night
it was snowing outside

When i woke up this morning
everything turned into white
and it is still snowing outside

Debbie told me the other day this week will be the coldest week in UK
so everywhere is snowing today
u can know it frm facebook status or msn message XD

Even though this is not my first snow
but this can be consider as my first snowing day in Oxford ^^
so i bring my camera along when i walk to class in the morning

it was still snowing quite heavily this morning when i am on my way to meet Mr Jeff Young for my employment law
and i almost fall down for so many times due to my excitedness

After class
me-baby-pchi decided to take some pictures with the snow

we play with the snow like some crazy little kids

wrote our name on the snow

even though it was freaking cold outside, seriously...

i even fall down *siasui nye* because i was too excited and busy taking pictures XDDD

Our Clive Booth Hall looked so nice in white ^^

i told Baby and pchi that we should download the Winter Sonata theme songs and played it along the way to Uni
maybe i will download it later XDDD
coz it feel so Winter sonata everywhere
just that my Yong-sama is not by my beside
cannie was covered by white white snow ^^
and its time to sleep now...
i m exhausted after playing with the snow
but HAPPY =)


Melz said...
Tue Feb 03, 11:45:00 am

Not bad what.? We manage to spend extra 25 minutes solely walking down Pullen's Lane which usualli takes us 5 mins..Okay what-quite an achievement to think of the SNOW..


caNnie said...
Thu Feb 05, 08:57:00 pm

achievement huh?!
what kind of achievement is this lar...our life sounds so kelian lerr ahahhaha
but i love snow
just hate walking on the snow
banjir in our legs lerr