Kimchi fried rice

they said the fried rice is a bit too much for one person to eat
what do YOU think?

but i can finish it wor.....

i m getting fatter and fatter liao *orz*


Melz said...
Fri Feb 06, 09:48:00 am

Of coz u can finish it, coz it's prepare by ur 'agent'..Ahem!!

But the getting fat part..?
I shall be responsible for it ar..
I give exclusion clauses out sin!!
ngek ngek..XD

caNnie said...
Sat Feb 07, 07:01:00 am

but i nv finished it XDDDDDhehe
u wana be responsible for the fat part???
my mom and my obbachan in japan will thank you..i think ^^
ngek ngek

애재 said...
Sun Feb 08, 10:09:00 am

jesus christ!
you really post it up on the blog and tell the whole world!
err.. fat part..?
i dont think so lar..
but double chin???

caNnie said...
Tue Feb 10, 09:12:00 pm

haha...of course ^^
my blog is a very cincai blog...
i will just post whatever in my mind and life XDDD
but no one seems to care about my fat-ness and double chin lerr...