Happy Birthday ^^

to the most important person in my life

i realise that tomorrow ie 20.03 is my mom's birthday when i was filling the air tics details today
well... dont blame me for not knowing my mom's birthday
coz usually she will remind me so i never forget her birthday before..i guess...
and i cant really remember people's birthday ( i am weak at birthday ==)
and my mom NEVER EVER remember my birthday too anyway
this is just our family 'cultural' XDD

(so many excuses)

since i only knew it this afternoon
its too late to send cards or anything
and i know she will never want a card from me (a waste of money she will say)
but i will call her tomorrow morning after my lectures
and make sure my brother will get her a BIG Cheese cake
by the way i already bought her what she wants:

since she is coming only in June, i will use it for her now XDDD
and of course
she can always share my Fendi and Long Champ bag mar ^^
and we are going to get more bags when she and tao pok are here *hehe*

although this pic is a bit no image, but i really like it ^^
(please ignore the date on the pic...the camera a bit problematic )

Happy Birthday Mummy !!!
Saranghaeyo ~!
cant wait to see you in june...


christine said...
Fri Mar 20, 07:06:00 am

happy birthday to ur beautiful mummy too

FutureLawyerInc. said...
Fri Mar 20, 07:21:00 am

Is that ur mum?...why she's waaaayyy hotter than u?

Melz said...
Fri Mar 20, 09:01:00 am

Happy burfday to Aunty Tao Pok*
But the photo is random wei, no image liao la..
hahahaha =)

caNnie said...
Sun Mar 22, 09:09:00 pm

thanks jie ^^

ei ainun
she where got hotter than me
i purposely put this kinda no image pic aldy ler..ish XDD

i really like this pic ler...
she mmg no image aldy XDD

Tina said...
Mon Mar 30, 02:57:00 pm

are u sure she's ur mum? she looks very young ler~
anyways happy birthday to her^^

caNnie said...
Sat Apr 04, 09:36:00 pm

yeah... omma yeyo...
i also look young wat XDDD