Small Gift Big Smile ^_____^

Shizuka came just now
to passed me some souvenirs her mother bought for me from Japan
(her mother came to UK last few weeks)
her mom really bought me quite a lot of things
and i seriously appreciate it so so much

let's see what i got from her ^^

the famous caramel sweet
( i really like this Molinaga caramel sweet, i bought so many of them when i went to japan last few years XDD)
a summer-use scarf + winter use warmer
(coz maybe her mom know that i am a Malaysian who cant stand cold XDD)

Japan Tradisional bag + tissue bag

Happiness omamori
(i need happiness LOL)

and the souvenir i love the most is:

Hello Kitty Magic Pen and Hankie !!!!!!

ok...i am actually not a Hello Kitty person
but i seriously love the "Magic Pen"
why 'magic'?
coz it is a mechanical pencil + 5 others colour multiple pen
so cool right ?!
normally this kind of multiple pen wont include mechanical pencil in it
but this one have it !!!
the Small Pink Kitty is very cute also
and the colour ie Pink and White really makes me go crazy
same to the hankie with Hello Kitty and Sakura ^^
Shizuka told her mom that i love Pink
and maybe that's why her mom bought that

しずか &お母さん

besides the souvenirs from Shizuka
i get this very cute keychain from Jay Er LOL

urmm.... i guess its true that i am a bit naughty,
but not VERY... XDDD

*Cannie is HAPPY *