Anson's Birthday Dinner @ Browns

i mentioned in my last post that there's a dinner to celebrate Anson's birthday
here's all the pics

me and my baby in striking colour outfit
(as if we are the birthday girl XDD)

the birthday boy - Mr Anson (old man XDD)

sexy carole oh~phewphit!!!

they said this pic looks like a family potrait XDD

pasang lang Yuru....
(ps: our Yuru wearing skirts ok ^^)

i like this pic... posing with Min Min's cocktails

us and our steak

my steak - look nice but doesnt taste nice =="
very small portion and very expensive... simtia larrr

Kean Min's duck...
i think it taste good coz Min Min keep on saying his duck is good beside me when i am complaining about my stupid steak

KC's duno-what
he said its ok but the portion is so damn small larrrr

the bill =="
can buy LV bag already larrrrrr

i think me and my baby wont go back to this place anymore
the food is not very nice and the portion is toooo small lar
after the dinner we even bought kebab on our way back =="
but the environment and all is not bad
i still thinks that Beefeater is the best !!!!!!
'peng leng zeng' = cheap + big portion+ yummy
so i am definitely gonna go beefeater once i covered my work...
maybe next week?? XDDDD


Melz said...
Thu Apr 30, 09:27:00 pm

Confirm : Beefeater is the BEST liao..Two thumbs up!!

caNnie said...
Sat May 02, 02:55:00 am

haha...but now beefeater also not tht good aldy rite XDDD
still better than browns lar