ok.. i know this title is super lame and wat not
but this is the only words to describe what i am going to say in this post

it seems that a lot of my kawan, after reading my previous post gets really shock
and so i received some calls and texts from them
i am not that kind of person who will take care of my friends very well
and always is the person who need people's concern and cares all the time
but still
i am lucky enough to have these people who really cares about me
(even though i am so mean *keke*)
and i really really really appreciate that

since i am a tough Leo
i am recovering very fast
i admit that i am that kind of person who cant really accept 'death'
i found it really scary to lose something or someone u care
but i suppose i am now slowly growing up and getting really matured
so i only cried for like one whole day for Money
compared to one whole week when my homeroom teacher passed away
i am no longer the 18yrs old little girl =)

thanks for all the concern
i feel loved =)

for the next coming 9 months
i will give all my love to my beloved CLP course
but before that
will try my luck in casino tomorrow
if Tau Pok or his boss willing to sponsor me *hehe*

Selamat Hari Raya everyone, especially Ainun..
bring me some kuih raya or preferably duit raya when u r back frm kampung XDDD


FutureLawyerInc. said...
Mon Sep 21, 06:00:00 am

duit raya?...50 sen can lar...

caNnie said...
Thu Sep 24, 01:43:00 pm


why so stingy?!at least one dinner larrr