Growing Up

Urmm i know its like more than one month since Chinese New Year
but i still want to blog about my CNY in year 2010
i Guess i had the busiest CNY ever

I met up with my primary classmate:

i met with my secondary girls and spent one whole day visiting their house:

i had a little pot luck party with my coursemate :

i spent some times gambling having fun with my buddies :

BBQ with my boss, colleagues, students and their family

and until i saw my student in the BBQ party and suddenly i realise
everyone is growing up
i still remember how my students used to play in the class with me
and how we went to Taiwan or Singapore for mental arithmetics competition

now, they are all graduated from high school and studying in college
even some of them are now my colleague

i looked so small between them LOL

and even my favourite boy is getting taller and taller now,
still cute as always,
but i hate it when he do his homework like a tortoise in my class~

See! my student is so much more taller than me now XDDD

Growing Up might be a happy and sad thing
but seeing all your students growing up is definitely a very weird thing
very weird in a good way =)
it is so good to be a teacher
maybe i should just take my master and be a lecturer in the future
what do u think ? *wink*

i Love my students <3