Free alarm clock frm CBH

note before: CBH is the initial of my current home ==

thanks to the unknown people and staff of CBH
i woke up really early in the morning today
i dont understand why they have to come into our flat so early in the morning
and bang the front door in and out
for your information,
my room is juz right beside the damn front door

the best part is
shouting :" You are my baby" before they leave
ie. in front of my room !!!!!!!!!!!!!

our Mr Tuesday and Friday (wonderful nickname given by my agent)
although like to sing when he clean our flat
did not actually shout THAT loudly
i can totally forgive our Mr Tuesday and Friday
because he gave me a knife (when i mentioned that i dont have a proper knife to cut my meat XD sweet of him)

i really wonder who the hell is that stupid idiot
and why did he came to our flat so many times
i am so gonna write this complaint into the accommodation survey form i received last week
and change my answer from "agree" to "strongly disagree" to some of the question

before i end my post
next week is our reading week ^^
but i wont go anywhere
because my beloved google weather forecast told me that
it will be raining almost everyday next week

and ...
i have to submit my Evidence coursework + Advanced Legal Method coursework very soon *headache*

i want my Mayday album !!!!!!
i miss U ....