Little Gathering in Cheney

Went to Cheney (another student hostel ) yesterday with my agent
because another group of KDU students are having a gathering there
both of us had never been to Cheney before
so we decided to join the gathering

Because it was a last minute-decision and we got no time to prepare any food
we decided to bring our Pizza and Walkers to join them

these is the food prepare by all of us...
actually there were also burgers prepared by Javed which i forgot to take the pictures *sorry*

i looked ugly in this picture..but nvm...haha

Cheney is a very nice place to stay
but its very expensive
Anson showed me these things when he knows that i am a PINK girl (?)

Sooo nice right?????
i really want to bring it home...haha...
but i don't have extra money to spend on all these...
by the way
i 'earned' one hour today...
due to the change-of-time-thingy...
wake up at 11am today
but when i looked at my laptop
its only 10am
what a nice thing ^^
i dont know why must we change the time to one hour earlier...*will find it out when i am free*
but its kinda good...haha

=> i dont have any mood to study and do my coursework *sigh*


Jeremy said...
Mon Oct 27, 03:40:00 am

It's Daylight Saving Time
Find this more at

caNnie said...
Mon Oct 27, 05:04:00 am

wahh...u so efficient mer...haha...but i still lazy to least i know what is that now...huhuhu