Bestie trip to Birmingham

at last i have time to talk about my birmingham trip
went to Birmingham last weekends to celebrate my Sam's 21st birthday
managed to passed up my ALM coursework before i leave oxford with pchi (her friend is in birmingham too ^^)

me and pchi runaway from Oxford for 3 days 2 night
runaway from all the troubles and gossips ^^hehe

we met Shirley, pchi's friend thr, and picture taken in front of the Bull, the symbol of bullring (according to Shirley)

Shirley is a super super friendly person
ans she is a good photographer and good tour guide at the same time
we also take pic in front of the Selfridges Building ^^

i really like this building, although my bao bei said it is nothing special about it XD so i took pics again at night ^^

different feel right ?^^so romantic ~
we had our dinner in a malaysian restaurant
the food was fantastic
and the price is quite reasonable

so since it's Sam's bday
of course we have a little celebration
the main reason we gather in Birmingham is because
Birmingham have a very nice karaoke ^^

yeah....miss our time in Redbox so much....

the twins ^^

small little birthday cake with ribbon
and i tell u...this cake is super delicious^^

me and the birthday girl...

group pics ^^ DISC - Dolly, Isabelle, Sam, Cannie

other than the karaoke part, the food there was really yummy....thai food !! i miss thailand ~~~~

Sam bring along her close friend ----- Isabelle to join us for the trip
to her surprised, me and dolly are so click with Isabelle
all in a sudden
Isabelle become Dolly's shopping partner
and become my camwhore partner
and i even have a little pillow talk with Isabelle until 3 am =="

cam-whoring with Dolly's LV scarf ^^

three of us bought the same boots...nice ler ^^
Before we leave,
we went for dim sum
in Birmingham !!!! UK !!!!
the waiter in the restaurant actually speaks cantonese and the restaurant were full with chinese family
chinese's dim sum cultural is so incredible~
thanks Sam for the dim sum ^^ (and also the karaoke ^^)
I really had so much fun in Birmingham
feels like i am alive again
i think i mentioned that i hate UK in my previous post (?)
just wana said that
'not anymore'
Birmingham is a very nice city
and i think only Oxford Suxxxxxx (or maybe the people in oxford ..... )
since we are hardworking people
Sam actually brought her laptop to Birmingham and do her notes in the hotel
and we bring along some textbooks also
see: we are really hardworking people, play and study at the same time XD

I really love my bao bei DISC !!!!
three of u are wonderful angels in my life ~
cant wait to meet u all again


Isabelle Chin said...
Fri Nov 21, 10:00:00 am

yay im in disc. yay yay!!!!!!! i miss you all toooo i'm going to manchester probably on 9th or 10th of december!!!

caNnie said...
Fri Nov 21, 09:17:00 pm

before u join us it is actually CDS, now become DISC but still the same meaning, incredible huh?!

9th or 10th huh?
i m having exam at that time *tears*
nvm...come and find me after x-mas k ?! i will wait for u~~~~~~