i am TOUCHED !!!

i had been waiting for a parcel for so so long

at last my agent received it for me when i was away to birmingham

she text to inform me about the parcel

but refused to tell me wat's inside


the first thing i came back from birmingham yesterday was to get my parcel and open it immediately

to be honest

i was stunt for a minute when i see wat's inside

and i was seriously touched

my ching gu had sent me the things i wanted to buy for so long:

this is my first parcel u know^^


its actually my Hubby's T-shirt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know a lot of people would be laughing

but i dont care

i really want this shirt for so long

but since its limited and expensive

i decided to just leave it aside

now i have it

oh yeah~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

after all

there seems to be more angels than evils around me

i am such a lucky girl ^^


a message to my super ching gu:

min hwee ssi !!!!!! seung ki ssi !!!!!

nomu nomu komawoyo

cho nun jinjya kamtong heyo

sarang hae (to min hwe only XDD)


Tina said...
Sun Nov 23, 02:40:00 am

ei where got very expensive
the cd more expensive ler
u buy so many version also ==!

caNnie said...
Sun Nov 23, 06:17:00 am

haha...very expensive ok..
i know u bought it ady lar...
CD different mar...MUSIC mar...haha..u never buy the album meh??

Tina said...
Tue Nov 25, 03:21:00 am

haha mayb u think for shirt is a bit too expensive...
the latest album i plan to buy d la
u buy so many later how to pindah balik??