i went to Oxford University few days ago
yeah... THAT Oxford University (not my oxford BROOKES university)

i was actually joining the korean society in my uni
and they happened to have this meeting that night
so me and my agent went and 'see see look look'
the president mentioned about some presentation when he call me
so i thought that the korean society have some kinds of presentation in our campus
but to my very surprised
the presentation was actually a presentation by the Oxford University Korean Society in Trinity College
it was about violent against women :
Justice for Survivors of Japan's Military Sexual Slavery System

i have to say
that was a great presentation and almost everyone in the hall ended up wiping tears during the presentation (including me...)
the REAL sexual slavery survivor was actually there present in that small hall standing in front of me and telling me her story
and u wouldnt believe what the japan military did to her
just like what my agent said in her blog
if that happened to me
i would rather die...

but she still standing strong after so many years (happened when she was 13 years old)
and now she is 80 years-old
she is such a brave person and i really respect her
we should really appreciate our life...

i had a really good time with my agent together and my new korean friends
even though they speaks korean in a very fast manner
i am still able to catch up a bit and chit chat with them in korean
not bad huh?!
this proves that i actually did pay attention to what my seonsengnim (korean teacher) said during my korean class
papa i dint waste ur money attending korean lessons okay ^^

and then
i just wana said that
my flat proves to be a super dangerous place to stay
because my beloved agent's laptop was stolen yesterday
the best part is
we suspected that the thief stole the laptop by entering her room with a KEY
scary huh?!

oxford is definitely NOT a nice place to stay
to be honest
i really HATE my hall of residence and uni now...