Halloween Party ^^

it was Halloween yesterday
i managed to settle my criminal evidence coursework before Halloween
i decided to celebrate it
this is the way we celebrate :

i was supposed to be a little angel
even bought the angel hairband
but somehow i think angel is a little bored
since my agent saw some really scary make-up online before hand
we decided to give it a try

in the end
she successfully transformed me into a WHITE GHOST

we went to a club in city center
due to my special make up
i need not pay any entrance fees (wohooo!! save my 5pounds)

it was damn cold yesterday
and i was wearing very short skirts
even though i was get used to it last time (used to walk with my mini skirts school uniform in japan )
but i still felt super super cold

i really enjoyed watching people in the club and on the street with fancy fancy clothes
i saw Mario, Pumpkins, Angel, Devil, Prisoner, Witch, Joker ......
but too bad we dont have any chance to take their pictures

my agent managed to get a really scary and real-looking surgery-with-blood-all-over-his face to take a picture with us in the club

i really like this picture so much!!
we reached home at around 3am yesterday night
and i slept at 5am in the morning =.=
it was a very nice experience
being a little white ghost with scary make up and all
but i have to work really hard from today
coz i have another coursework waiting for me.... *tears*

study time
bye bye!!