we are the champion^^

i really cant believe this
so i need to write this down in my blog
u-know what?
for the very first time in my life
i actually WAITED outside the library waiting for the library door to open !!!!!!

i was the FIRST student to enter the library yesterday
my agent was the SECOND
so unbelievable right????

why must we stand outside the library at 8.10am
when we know that the library open at 8.30am?
because of this :

the respected Kemp &Kemp!!!
Dont look down on this four yellow yellow book ok?!
they actually cost approx 350pounds per volume (if i m not mistaken)
without them i cant do my ALM coursework
so you know how important are them
and... of course
i am not the only one who need to do ALM coursework
we cant borrow it
can only read it in the short loan corner
that's why
me and my agent have to go to the library REALLY early in the morning
just to make sure that we can get the book (very kiasu)

two of us looked so 'chan' while waiting for bus to go tesco after the library session

my parents should be very proud of me

coz i really study very hard here... (only for one day XDDD)