Bye 2008 Hi 2009

I know the title is lame, but that's the only one i can come up with... haha

2008 had been a very successful (?) and wonderful year for me
i met my YoonHo Hubby, saw him real in person, went to his concert and acted like a crazy fans because of him. i even managed to get his autograph and his fansite goodie...!! haha

i went for korean class and met with a new group of friends and seon seng nim. i spent the whole month before i came to uk with them and the first parcel i received here was from them. what a sweet group of friends, seriously ^^

i went to Taiwan for holiday with my sister and auntie. i met with my net friends whom i know for almost 3 years !!!! they are all cute and kind people ^^we are no longer net friends but real friends now, and i really love them so much ~~~~~

i missed my Mayday concert in Malaysia for the very first time in my life *tears* that was really painful...

i finally reached UK and went to Europe. saw the beautiful Eiffel Tower and managed to took so many pictures there ! (my YH went there before too! )

so, what's my new year resolution ??

-> stop spending
( but everywhere having sales now, how? )

-> stop gaining weight
( i dowan to become a fatty when i go back to msia next year *scream* )

-> stop loving him
( even though i think this is quite impossible... )

-> score for every subject and graduate happily without any problems
( this is so so important )

-> get rid of all enemies in my life
( i am so tired of all the gossips... )

-> i want to go korea for some short term korean course... i want to speak perfect korean !!!!!

-> i want to go to Tohoshinki's concert in Japan!! and also TVXQ concert

-> found my loves one
( where are you my dear?? )

-> ............. too many to tell

but most importantly
i just wanna continue to be a simple girl with a happy life ^^

Happy New Year everyone !!!!! ^^