my babies from Europe

Since i am waiting to go Omma's place for my dinner
i take some time to start my post on my Europe tour
there's too many stories to tell
so i will take my time to write about the whole journey slowly...yeah~very slowly

i shall start with this intro post
the souvenirs i bought from the trip

keychains and postcards from each country i went,
excluded germany coz all the shops were closed on x-mas when we went there
and my Dior Addict 2 (its PINK !!)

very pink pink Longchamp Bag
a very popular brand in Paris ^^
i love the colour and the size of the bag, can put anything and everything inside... this shall be my bag for uni next year ^^

and lastly
proudly present to you my new baby

my FENDI bag wohooo~~~~

both side of the bag can be use
so this is one side with fendi logo

and if you turn it upside down
it become a very striking yellow bag
so nice right ?!!

i seriously LOVE this bag so so much!!!
i actually plan to get a Gucci bag in London or Paris
but i saw this Fendi bag when i passed by the shop
and i really fall in love with it...
after thinking for very very long (i usually take a long time to think before i buy something...especially something so expensive, i am a poor kid ok)
i decided to buy it...
coz the exchange rate now is worth it ^^
actually i like another model in white colour (and pink inside)
but white colour only available in a bigger size
and since i already bought the other pink longchamp bag
i am 200% satisfied with my new yellow baby!!!!!

these are what i bought from my europe trip
i dint bought a lot of things afterall
only some small souvenirs as a memories

its time to eat !
i hope my father wont get crazy when he saw the credit card bill...


Melz said...
Wed Dec 31, 07:24:00 pm

But ur dad din go crazy!!
Opps* Shud haf shop more ..

caNnie said...
Sun Jan 11, 06:40:00 am

yalor...regret now...
next time we go shop again..wohoo