i want to watch my korean entertainment show...

but i have to study my stupid EU law !!!!!!!!

why do i have to study EUROPEAN UNION LAW

when Malaysia have got nothing to do with EU??!!!

but i really like Prof Paul Craig -a famous author for EU law i suppose and Oxford Uni Prof-
i never read his textbook *pai seh*
but the textbook i am reading now refer to his argument quite often
that's why i went to his lecture in my uni that day
even though it was super freezing
he is a super smart people*obviously*
and i really enjoyed his lecture

maybe i should bought his textbook for EU
instead of the current one
then i can take his autograph that day and maybe with the autograph
my hatred towards EU law will decrease

gonna back to study
if i can finished all the chapter before 11pm tonight
i am so gonna watch my korean entertainment show

oh ya

i called the parcelforce today

and they told me that i m going to get my parcel tmr

cant wait ^^ hehe

i need my miso soup!!!!!!