webcam with my sister this morning
and she said that my msn message is meaningful
yeah~the mayday lyrics part

"i need my green highlighter WTF!!! "

but she said the front part on highlighter is kinda 'palia'
because of the word "WTF"

but since we are both palia people
she then reply my msn message with this:

"i wil send u ur green highlighter asap...WTF! "

i know what WTF means and i know it is not a good word *obviously*...
i found it really funny...copycat =p

lately i am kinda addicted to a blog
that blogger use WTF very often
almost once in few sentences?
but i really like the way she write about things and all
and she is so so cute XD

time for breakfast
for ur knowledge
i woke up at 7am today
because i failed my mission yesterday
the consequence of chatting for too long in the kitchen with my agent and pchi *hehez*

oh ya
i m so gonna post about the two lectures from oxford uni prof i attended yesterday and last week
maybe next post?
coz i m hungry aldy...

a lot of things waiting to be done today