London Shopping Trip ^^

I went to London yesterday
with of course - my agent and pchi
our main purpose there was to see where is Euston Station
because we need to meet up there for our europe tour on 23th
another purpose was to get my bag and shopping ^^

so after accomplished our mission to find out way to Euston station
we were so hungry and so had our lunch here:

Mel's meatball spaghetti

pchi's duno-what-spaghetti..(i forgot)

and my Salmon something... *duno the name la*
the food was really nice
and also the service
so after lunch
we were full with energy to go shopping

the x-mas feel debenhams

x-mas gift(?) GAP building

three of us standing in front of the x-mas outside Selfriges

i was suppose to get my bag from Selfriges
but the bag there was not so nice
so i got no choice but to buy it maybe in Paris?
since x-mas is coming so soon
the street was full with HUMAN and very nice x-mas decoration
i love the selfriges' x-mas decoration in the window
the santa doing different things in every window
so CUTE ^^
santa also need to wash baju XDD

santa going out in motorbike

sometimes santa also take train if he is in the rush

and of course, santa need to get his hair perm nicely in salon

and read emails from his fans using VAIO laptop..

last but not least, santa drinking beer at home ^^
- The end -

before i end the post
this is what i bought yesterday :
*sorry i lazy to rotate the pics aldy*
and then
this is what we saw yesterday...when we reached home

"sorry, you were out"
and then there goes my story to post office...haha

got too many activities lately...
coz after exam mar...
more to come when i am free