Shopping Trip to Bicester

Pchi's friend (also my friend lar) --- Shirley came from birmingham yesterday
so me, agent and pchi went bicester today with her and friends

i am tired now so i just show u guys what i bought:

Bicester village having BIG x-mas sales now...
everything was so cheap !!!
but i have to control myself...
coz i am going to europe tomorrow mar....

but still bought some t-shirts
coz its too cheap... !!!!

and i really like the red Burberry sling bag....
but cannot buy *sob sob*

when i reach home
another surprised from sam ^^

yeah~~ i have three x-mas card this year... i m happy ^^
so that's it
going to Europe tomorrow
since we have to gather at Euston station at 7.30am
i have to wake up on 4am
better sleep early....
Good night ^^