The power of Salon-pas

i mentioned in my previous post that i have neck pain
i then pasted two salon-pas on my neck and went to sleep

so this is what happened when i woke up in the morning on the next day:

left neck

right neck
yeah... can u see the POWER of salon-pas??????
now i have red visible salon-pas permanently (oklar maybe for two weeks) on my neck
and i tell u
my neck is so darn itchy now !!!
actually its my own fault
my skin is kinda sensitive towards plaster
i dint know that salon-pas also considered as 'plaster'
so..... mar like that lor....
when i was busy with my itchy neck yesterday
i received this from someone:
a little x-mas card...
he said its kinda hard to find a card in pink
so i think that's why he get me a red one instead *hehe*
thanks a lot ya Mr J ( you know who you are lar)
so now i have a problem
can i not send x-mas card to everyone ah???
can i, Mr J????? *innocent look*

i think i will just get you some souvenir from paris later ^^
[Days until EU law exam : 4 DAYS]


Jeremy said...
Sat Dec 13, 10:08:00 am

Well, this is the only festival tat we can send cards in uk..
Anyway just a simple regards.. hehe
btw, this is the pink-est i found k.. lol

caNnie said...
Sun Dec 14, 07:44:00 am

urmm..if u wana send me cards everyday..i m ok with it also ^^hehe
i know laar..the card is cute to be honest..thanks ^^