i am now Officially a LOYAL Yoonho fans!!!!!!!!!!

received another parcel from my family again today

no more 2months waiting time this round

because i really cant wait to get the things i want

so it took only 4 days:

so what's inside this big box ?


my TVXQ album

and yeah...my Highlighter !!!!!!!! (even though i m almost done with my revision )

what else inside...?


i know i am not suppose to blog anything about my YoonHo here

but i just cant stop myself from telling everyone that

i can now say loudly that i am a LOYAL Yoonho fans


because of this:

the largest YoonHo fansclub goods 'withyoonho'

to get this towel and t-shirt (still in my msia home) is like the dream of every YoonHo fans

because it is really really difficult to get it

even though u have money

especially when you are not in Korea

thanks to someone *i cant tell out her name* who get it for me

i dream of buying this towel and t-shirt for almost 2 years already

and now i have it here in my hand

i am seriously happy and thankful ^^

i just wana say:

haha..happy happy ^^