so Sweet ^^

get this from Shizuka just now:

she purposely came and find me just to pass me this little sweet she bought for me
she said coz this pinky sweet is just so cute
so she decided to buy it for me
pink (actually is pink and red) strawberries sweet with pink ribbon
so sweet of her
today is just so my day

if u don't know who Shizuka is
she is my japanese(obviously) friend here

shizuka arigatou ^^

oh by the way
i dint know that study hard for exam will make me look like a kiasu people
whatever i dont care
i rather be a kia-su people than 'su' in the exam

enjoy life only after study
this is my principle of life
i m going to watch my drama now *wink*


christine said...
Tue Dec 09, 09:03:00 am

so sweet of her..they look cute for a pinky like u

caNnie said...
Wed Dec 10, 06:28:00 am

haha..yup..she is very sweet..always buy things for me..duno why XD