Ah Ma cannie

yeah..i am talking about me
i have backpain, neckpain and muscle pain this few days
too tired maybe?

luckily my agent got this:

and special thanks to my agent for her salon pas also
you can see ah ma cannie in this state now:

sticking salon pas on my neck...sigh

i feel so old now...

i seriously need to find a good spot to study

or invest in a good chair

hopefully all my pains will be gone tommorrow morning

good night ^^


Jeremy said...
Wed Dec 10, 08:32:00 pm

Perhaps you should find someone to massage for you!!

Melz said...
Thu Dec 11, 12:53:00 am

Whoa..Someone to massage..?
Who shud she find to massage her jek..? YOU ar..??

Cannie: See, today ur pain all go away de le..My purfect combination of salon-pas n muscle cream fix it all..Yay~

caNnie said...
Thu Dec 11, 01:17:00 am

who am i suppose to find ha???u faster intro someone to massage for me la !!
what a bad suggestion..

i dowan him to massage me also =="

yalor..ur salon pas and muscle cream is much more better than jeremy's suggestion..haha