Birmingham-Liverpool-Manchester trip

so...after touring around Europe
me, my agent and pchi decided to tour around UK
so we went to Birmingham for 3D2N, then Liverpool 3D2N and Manchester for another 3D2N
i name it BLM eat eat play play tour
coz our main purpose is to eat all the yummy foods in BLM which cant be found in Oxford
and also visit my friends in BLM

First stop: Birmingham

this is my second time to Birmingham
i really like Birmingham
not bcoz of the super big shopping(part of the reason also lar)
but the food there
especially Malaysian Cuisine

nasi lemak !!!!!!!! after so long~~~~~~

tau-fu-fa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thai fried rice or something..this was very nice!!!!

and then we went for dim-sum in the morning
with carole's friend --- sarah

and of course went shopping with Shirley
(and also Mikey, soo leng and others birmingham friends who are not in the picture)

with Shirley in front of the toilet =="
but i like this pics

Second stop: Liverpool

and of course
my very main purpose to Liverpool was to meet my bestie
Mr Orang Gergasi and my bao bei
never see mr orang gergasi for ages
even though we are in the same country =="
bcoz he refuse to come to oxford
so i have to go liverpool *sigh*
so we went to karaoke in Liverpool ( that is a MUST)
and walk around the city, went shopping in cheshire oaks .....
Third stop: Manchester
we had japanese food in manchester !!!!!!
OMG sushi!!

and bento with sashimi !!!

and also thai food

korean food !!!

kim bap


bibim bap
i seriously love manchester !!
too many good food to eat
and more importantly
the price are reasonable
we also had dim sum in manchester
but i was busy eating so nv take any pics....haha

we also went shopping in manchester
and this is seriously beautiful
manchester eye... i dint know that manchester have this !!!
and i really like this pics also ^^

some random siao lang forcing Sam to take their pics *sweat*

meet with sam, liuh yih and wen nee in manchester
reunion of our group (me, agent, pchi, wen nee, sam+liuh yih) after 2 years^^

even though it was quite hectic to travel around in such a short time
i am really really happy to see all of my friends in BLM
especially my three bestie
i am sorry to give so much trouble to u all during my visit
and really really thankful for all the free tour-guide and accommodation provided by you all
even though u all are busy with your coursework and exams
i really am a very lucky girl to have such a good friends like you all
and i will definitely disturb u all again next time
when u all are free from coursework n exams *haha*
a special thanks to Joanne, you are such a sweet girl ^^
and also Shirley, you are forever a 100% A+ tour guide
THANKS everyone!!!!!!!!!!
i love you all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Melz said...
Fri Jan 09, 08:52:00 am

Super the BLM trip wei..
I shall blog bout the BLM tour soon.. Too much food..Too much Jokes and yup!! Too much dramas as well..

haha..Happy trip =)
Come back Gain weight de!!

caNnie said...
Sun Jan 11, 06:40:00 am

too much drama...hmmm...haha
happy trip coz got me mar...
i still can eat...coz i nv gain weight...wohoooo!!!