New Year celebration

i am suppose to post this before i went to BLM (birmingham, liverpool and manchester)
but i was busy watching drama and packing at that time
so now here they are

me, agent n pchi went to Carole Restaurant located in clive booth hall for super yummy lunch and dinner during new year eve

we had western food for lunch...due to Jamie's special request (because she needs to work at night)

haha...yeah...Carole Restaurant is actually Carole's (my omma) place lar...

our main course + appetizer (lunch)

with the not so correct drinks... XDDDD

and of course with my favourite dessert as well
then its dinner time:
chinese food for dinner
rice with char siu, siu yok, vege and soup ^^
and also chinese style dessert ^^
this is how i celebrate the new year in UK
no clubbing no partying
only a bit drinking plus the super yummy food together with my coursemate and kawan ^^
they went clubbing after the dinner
but i just stay at home coz i was addicted to a new korean series at that time
and also...i am not a party people lar...
i shall continue with my BLM trip later in the next post

happy happy people ^^