Early Chap Goh Mei dinner

Another yummy yummy dinner by Carole ^^

this is so spicy, but nice ^^
my favourtie prawn and squids are all inside *woohooo*

siu yok... opps! it is Hong Siu Yok according to Carole XD

carols's new invention

me and susan's invention: the soup XDD

lemon grass chicken? i like this one

This is my Favourite among all ^^ too nice~~

pak choi ^^

and of course our dessert:
honeydew sago (?)
this is so so so so NICE !!!!!

Carole said the Chap Goh Mei is actually next monday
but since we are having class on Monday morning
she decided to celebrate(?) it earlier ie yesterday night
the dinner was really nice
although it is a bit expensive
and they (noted: THEY) gamble until 1am or 2am
ahahhaa...everyone enjoying chinese new year a lot i guess
even though we are in UK XDDDDD

i am seriously bored now
so updated so many post in one day
just ignore me...
i am waiting for the new ep of Boys Before Flower to come out
my YoonHo are having fun in Bangkok
i wana go bangkok also~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~