Happy Single Day ~!

it is v-day again
and yes! i am still alone this year *laugh*

but anyway
what i wana say is that
i saw a birthday video in someone's blog
and i thought that it is really touching and sweet
the birthday girl cried when she saw someone appeared in the video
that makes me think...
i wonder who will make me cry when he/she appeared in my birthday video
if i ever have one

in fact
someone did made the so called surprised video for me long time ago (not so long actually)
and also some farewell video from my classmate in Japan
hmmm....too bad i dont have it here with me now
so i cant remember where did i started crying when i watch that video
my parents perhaps =)

well back to the v-day topic
hopefully i wont be alone anymore next year

Happy Valentine's Day everyone ^^


애재 said...
Thu Feb 19, 03:44:00 am

you wont be single for long one lar..
once you go back to m'sia..
sure guys lining up to get numbers to see you di lor!
from no.1 to no.1999?

caNnie said...
Fri Feb 20, 04:12:00 am

i hope so ok?
if that is real then i wont b single for so long already lerr