New Housemate

i cant remember whether i had mention in any of my post that i have a new housemate now
so i have a new housemate
after one of the room in my house empty for almost 5 months

so let's talk about my new housemate
first of all
my new housemate is a HE
i think he is an indian (i am not sure)
honestly he is quite good looking (according to someone *wink*)
and i kinda agree to that also larrr
not bad looking
he has beautiful eyes XDDDD

But right
staying under one roof with one guy can be kinda mafan and inconvenient sometimes
luckily he is a very clean guy
so not much trouble for now
just that i have to take care of my image when he is at home *laugh*
although i dont really have any image at home XDDD

one thing good about him moving in is that
he is one of the staff in the hall
so i suppose our house is kinda safe now
and also
i feel kinda secured
coz if something happen i think he should be able to protect four of us in the house ^^

one last thing
i am currently sick of JYH
and trying hard to not think of HIM too much...
coz i think i should learn to fall for some other guys rather than just HIM
so that's it

and i seriously need to concentrate in my studies
shall i go to my Admin law tutorial on wed? *sigh*
cant wait to go manchester ....


samantha said...
Tue Feb 17, 08:31:00 am

oh dear, why suddenly sick of JYH?? must tell me when u come k. good luck with tutorial!!!

caNnie said...
Wed Feb 18, 05:13:00 am

haha..why kenot sick of him ? XDDD
i will tell u the reason when i see you ^^
i hate tutorial *tears*

애재 said...
Thu Feb 19, 03:41:00 am

you think he's good looking ar?
good... can consider for yaself (?)

dont lar hate him.
he loves you so much ya know..
just one pic..
dont mm song him lar!

caNnie said...
Fri Feb 20, 04:11:00 am

ehemmm... really DONT think he is GOOD LOOKING???
you SURE????
he is yours ever since before he move in...
so pls take him ^^

he where got love me?!
i m going to try to forget him
although i think i cant =="
not bcoz of the pics only lar actually