Little Snowman

It was snowing quite heavily last week
so at last i was managed to build my own snowman
introduce to you my First masterpiece LOL :

Little Snowie (very lame name i know...)

i build snowie in some open space full with snow in my campus
after my International Trade lecture ( a bit too detail LOL)

however, poor Little Snowie ended up like this after few minutes:

Ques: where's his head?????!!!!!
Answer: he was killed by MR HHJ
i decided to build another snowman
in my backyard (?)
after some snowball fight with the people

Snow-beary ^^ he looks like Bear rite???
yeah...bcoz he IS a bear (wtfish)
with ear-muff , ribbon and button on his shirt XDD

my baby said Snow-beary was still ALIVE until yesterday (?)
coz she saw it from her window the other day standing still in our backyard(?)
but i guess Snow-beary already melted away by now
since yesterday rained quite heavily

so this is the wu liao story of my little snowman
i am sorry if i bored u with this stupid post
gonna go back to studies...
bye bye