so i was sick yesterday

it was kinda weird
coz i dont really know that i am sick...
i just felt very sleepy since morning(even though this happened almost everyday)
when i came back and took a shower
i was still super sleepy
so i took a nap...
and then i cant wake up anymore (choiii)

after struggling for an hour (?)
i woke up and look for my agent
my agent certified that i was having a Fever (wow!)
and get scolded for a while
then my agent started cooking barley for me
and also my dinner ----bihun soup wey (hehe)

i will always feel very weak when i am sick (ok,everyone feel that i suppose)
thanks to my Agent who always take care of me
either i am sick or not
that really make me feel so warm and touched

i just wana say THANK YOU to my agent
i really LOVE you baby
(but Yoonho still come first XDDD)