Manchester food Trip ^^

everyone know that i am craving for sushi for so long
i decided to plan a trip to manchester with my agent
because manchester really have all the Good foods

so the first dinner i had in Manchester was:

sushi OMG!!!!
after dinner
we decided to go for a movie
that was my first time in UK watching movie in the cinema
the price was much more cheaper in Manchester than in Oxford
i felt like i was alive when i walk into the cinema
so 'one-U'

due to my over-excitedness
i started to take pics in front of the cinema XDDD

we watched "He's just not so into you"
because my Baobei said it was really nice
i usually dont like to watch this kinda romance movie
but i really like this movie
the story is just so real and i learned quite a lot of 'knowledge' from the movie
i am now reading the books and i find it really intersting^^

then the 2nd
we line up outside TaiHu for dimsum (wohooo~)
Bao bei came from Liverpool to meet us

the A-level reunion(?)
the dimsum in Taihu was seriously cheap !!
i felt like i was in china or hongkong
coz the whole restaurant was full with chinese!!

after dimsum
my agent went to meet her friend and me and both of my baobei went shopping in Trafford Center
Trafford Center was incredibly HUGE

and the interior was very nice too ^^
makes me think of KLCC in Malaysia

at night
we meet up with agent, wen nee and liuh yih for korean food *blink*

my neng myon *D*

Bol Golgi *yummy*

i dunno wat is this...but it was nice ^^

korean style dessert
according to sam and mel who ate this, they said it taste really nice
even though it was really small...

look at my face u will know how happy i was ^^

after dinner
bao bei went back to Liverpool
the others gathered in sam and wen nee's place and started to gamble + drinking

i seriously enjoyed myself so so much in Manchester
Manchester is now my favourite city ^^
thanks a lot to my Sam who bring us around and hosting me in her place XDDD
also to Wen nee and Liuh Yih who took time to 'food around' with us
of course my Bao bei who came from Liverpool to meet me
my next trip will be Liverpool or Birmingham
for the karaoke LOL
and Isabelle babe u are gonna be thr with us ok ? *wink*


Isabelle Chin said...
Sun Mar 01, 11:11:00 pm

hey if i dont have exams i'll defo go!!!

caNnie said...
Sat Mar 07, 04:34:00 am time k???
i miss u lerrr