For those who thinks that TVXQ is just some idol boy band with pretty faces

if you really think so
please take a few minutes to listen to this :
especially at 1:56

Tonight LIVE in their latest concert

TVXQ is much more than just their pretty face
they can really sing and dance
this is what i wana say and PROVE

and i am proud to be their BIG FANS ^^



Melz said...
Wed Feb 25, 09:46:00 pm

And again, my darling had done a great job..
Now, i'm so double the triple in love with him lo..
'TONIGHT' is super the favourite..
Somemore sing 'LIVE'..~
FAINTED liao la..


Chong Hui said...
Wed Feb 25, 09:54:00 pm

ermm....that video didnt prove anything. What dancing??? mana mana? tak nampak pun?

caNnie said...
Sat Feb 28, 05:27:00 am

triple only merr...
i triple your triple love him
but micky is currently the best XDD
but tonight is seriously nice la
cant get bored no matter how many thousand times i listen to it ^^

we gonna go to the concert and listen to the real LIVE someday ^^

orang gergasi:
ppl who DONT KNOW about music cant get it lar *ishhh*
i'll drag you to their concert and let u see LIVE dancing next time
ishh ishh ishh