Yesterday night during dinner
i told my Agent that i wana eat duck rice
maybe Carole can read my mind or something
she suggest to go for lunch in Ricebox after civil liberties lecture during the break
i was actually planning to go for tutorial after the lectures
decided to skipped the tutorial due to the crave for DUCK RICE (sorry Ms Dawn )
my Roast Duck rice ^^

Agent's House Special with rice

Yu Ru's House special with mee

i forgot to take the pictures of Lemon Chicken, Thai Chilli Prawn, Spring Rolls, Carole's Ma po toufu and also yummy Squid
bcoz i was too impressed with my Roast Duck <- 'easily impressed' quoted frm my agent
the food was seriously NICE
and i cant believe that i can actually finished up the rice
when KC and Agent cant even do it (the portion is kinda BIG) =="
its a good thing maybe?
i am no longer a food waster XDDDD
oh ya
just now Agent handed me a letter after she went back from gym
both of us was really nervous about the letter
coz it was from Malaysia Commission
and no one in my house receive it
Agent ask me whether i did anything wrong here and thus kena saman
i am sure i did not do anything wrong except cursing all the angmo quite frequently here with all kind of language LOL
so i opened the letter with fear

and to realise that it was just a letter from the commission
because i had register myself to them earlier (totally forgot about it already)
they actually send me some student guide (which will be very useful if i have it when i first reach here but not now...)
and some very nice postcard (duno for what...)

i think i will just give to postcard to Shizuka to promote our country
i am sure she will like it ^^

before i end the post
this is the Stitch that i mentioned in my previous post ( i think)
pink little girl stitch... so cute right ^^
i am so gonna buy it from Disneyland Paris when i go thr later
or to steal it from Sam XDDDD

p/s: do u guys like the new song in my blog??
i am currently very in love with this song, coz the lyrics suits my current
state so much ^^
Carole pls dont complain lar... this song is very also ok =P


Tina said...
Thu Mar 12, 05:13:00 am

why y always got so many nice food to eat d Y^Y
dun eat too much later bcome f... till ppl cant recognize u o^^o

caNnie said...
Wed Mar 18, 02:58:00 am

where got 'so many' nice food
all these cant compare with good food back in msia at all ler...*sad*
urmm..dun worry
i think u cant recognise me aldy
my face is so fat now *sigh*