Surprise !!

i saw chocolate this morning in my cupboard
i thought it was Mel's choc so i ignored it
but later when we came back from class
Mel said that it was not hers

and then we found another chocolate in JX's cupboard also

another one

and another one
so there are FOUR chocolate in four different cupboard
finally we realise that it was probably from our new housemate- Jason
so nice of him...ahahhaha
i am going to thank him when i bump into him in the kitchen

while cooking our lunch
Wei Chao found this very interesting things in our fridge:
from left to right : JX's orange juice and milk, AJ's milk, Jason's Liquor and my orange juice
so i guess that's a difference between us -drinking milk and juices and He drinking liquor *LOL*

and there's some beer and other alcohol in the fridge too
(OMG i sounds like a stalker)
i was kinda shock when i saw liquor and beer in our fridge
then i realise this is the difference when u are staying with a guy
and we finally know that Jason does not have a GF afterall
someone *cough* have chance already LOL


Melz said...
Thu Feb 19, 08:04:00 am

Double cough**
Obvious reasons, someone got chance-but depends if she know how to use n take it or not ler..

ngek ngek!!!
Mayb we can tolong push push bit with some pink color sticky notes on the door n letters..
*evil plan ni*

caNnie said...
Fri Feb 20, 04:10:00 am

i think the sticky plan is a good idea
let's do it before we leave the house XDDDDDD

must push push both side mar

caNnie said...
Fri Feb 20, 04:10:00 am
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