i am suppose to go city center today to get my International Trade Law textbook
and also do my groceries (no more food to eat)
so me, agent and AJ went to CC together

after we bought our textbook
agent said that she wana eat outside today and lazy to cook
so we end up eating this at Beefeater:

Rump Steak

agent concentrating on her lemon XDDDD
actually AJ and agent just went to this beefeater YESTERDAY
My agent was so impressed when she came back and said that we have to go together someday
so that someday is unexpectedly TODAY
i know my face in this pics is kinda scary...please focus on the DESSERT ^^
did u see the BIG strawberry?? LOL

no wonder Agent said that i will go crazy when i see the dessert
i know what she mean now
ahahha...she really knows me very well XDDDD
by the way
did u know that my textbook is 3times more expensive than my dinner
kinda sim tia!!!!!
but i suppose textbook is much more important than my dinner...kua...
time for my Goo Jun Pyo ^^
yeah yeah ~