What's in my brain?

I found this funny webpage from some website
where u can know what's inside your brain when u type in ur name
so this is my results :

if you can read chinese
you probably will know what it means
妄:Imagination ie day-dream XDD

well...i dint know that i love foods THIS much...seriously...

then let's see what is in my baby's brain
游: Play
噓: Lie

my baby's brain is quite simple
only play and lie *OMG*
but i think her results is not so correct
bcoz she is suppose to love food more than i do
then then then
since his birthday had just passed
let's see what's inside my YoonHo's brain
私: me = his ownself
金: Money
游: Play
obviosly, YoonHo love himself very much XDD

i am sure you would like to try it out by entering your own name
so here's the website
just type in your name then you will get the results:
Have Fun !! ^^


lim shao yi said...
Sat Feb 07, 08:03:00 pm

all korean de how to see?
wanna try oso cannot ==


Melz said...
Sat Feb 07, 10:24:00 pm

No image de..
I wana RE-DO!!
Definately got problem with the webpage wan..?

Apasai all PLAY n no work..
I mai as well get all FOOD for myself mer..
Do again, Do again-use aku mia full name in english!! hahaa..

caNnie said...
Sun Feb 08, 01:07:00 am

shao yi: tht's japanese ok ^^
i already provide u with the translation, so u can play it now ^^

baby:ur mia name in english tak chun lar...i mean the results...so better stick with this...stop playing larr XDDDD
and i think ur food all come to me aldy LOL

애재 said...
Sun Feb 08, 10:07:00 am

omg!! mine is like super chun!!!
walao eh.. scary wei..

caNnie said...
Sun Feb 08, 08:25:00 pm

AJ: tell me the results later..
i wana know ...hehe