'Fishing' competition

Carole discovered a new shop in Headington the other day
so she said she wana try it out today
since i have nothing to do
i decided to tag along...

while waiting for our fish
decided to play with the cute sauce

y the pics came out like this??! i already rotate it what... ishh!
we was really shock when the food arrived
dint know that the portion is this HUGE

mine --- cod fish with salad
(shizuka, aj, carole and me had the same one)

my agent wana be special...so her one with baked beans XD

since the portion of the food is so BIG
we decided to have a small competition
see who can finished it ^^
let's introduce the contestant:

cant stop talking on the phone --- my Agent

the plate is even bigger than my face ---- me
(pls ignore my big eye bag, i slept at 4am yesterday night thanks to my idiot new housemate )

looks like very hungry ---- AJ

her fish is the biggest i think ---- shizuka

cant wait to eat --- Carole
After 30minutes or more (i am not sure)
everyone started to give up on the food
i really tried my best to finished it
still cannot lar... but i only left 1/4 of the fish...
consider not bad already ler...

Shizuka just ate like 1/4 of the fish i think
look at her face.... XDD

Miss AJ was the 1st one who stopped eating
and Carole actually ate 1/4 of her fish...
so who's the winner???
TADAAA!!!!!my Agent managed to finished the fish
her fish is a bit small but very 'thick'..LOL

and also
our Miss Carole.... she never touched the fries
just attack the fish XDDD

i must bring my papa to this shop when he came in June
i am sure he can totally finish up EVERYTHING on the plate XDDD
the food was seriously fresh and nice
the fries are all homemade fries
so very healthy also i suppose
we already tried our best to 'clear' the table
but still....
like very bad only.... =(

after our lunch
i managed to found my channel look-alike shoes
with a small ribbon on it.. ^^

i am going to wear this shoes everyday
hehe ^^
and last but not least
i BENCI my new housemate. ish !!!


FutureLawyerInc. said...
Sun Mar 15, 04:26:00 am

I comment becoz u asked me to do so that day..
i remember sumbody say she only gt i dunno lar like 60 pound 2 spend a week/ a month...then suddenly the new blog is bout eating out again,...paiseh,paiseh...ha!

Melz said...
Sun Mar 15, 08:34:00 am

I also hate the new housemate ar!!
Fuhyoo-double emerge winners* Awesome..
Clap hands**

HATE new housemate**

caNnie said...
Wed Mar 18, 02:57:00 am

thanks for commenting...but dun lah tembak me T.T
my eating out is always cheap n nice lerr...tht big fish only 7pounds.. and it equals to brunch+dinner... worth it wat XDD

clap hands
we sama sama anti dia lah...
mmg HATE him pun XDDD