what's wrong with my lappie ?!

i just suffered serious shock !!!!
when i came back from kitchen after my sweet dessert time
all the drama i had finished loading DISAPPEARED !!!!!
and this is already SECOND time today
wtf wtf wtf
i m so pissed off
what's wrong with my laptop larrr
someone please tell me *super beh song*

ok lar
since i need to wait for my drama to load
i might as well blog about my dessert time as well

J-er, carole and yuru came with the white chocolate cake just now
they went all the way to Anson's place to bring it here to share with us

the cake is so yummy ^^

and also some other pastries...

Thanks to Anson for the cake and pastries
and of course J-er, Carole and Yuru who walk all the way to Cheney to get the cake ^^
for your information
Mr Anson work in the pastries shop
so he always tapao a lot of cake and pastries for us
bcoz we dont have money to buy it
especially ME
last time he even brought a sweet strawberry cake for us ^^

me and my food partner Ms Yuru, we will do anything for the cake ^^

so the end of the post
my drama is still loading
still angry ....