Sayonara Shizuka

Shizuka went back to Japan already T.T
i think she is in now sitting inside the airplane
on her way back to Tokyo

we met for the last time yesterday
i decided to cooked a meal for her as her farewell
because she said she want to try some chinese/malaysian dishes

this is what i prepared:

fried bihun + ginseng chicken + red bean dessert (not in pic)

this is my first time cooking FULL course meal
i am so PROUD of myself ^^
Shizuka said i am qualified to be a good wife already
so my prince faster come and marry me ok *wink*

i also bought a 'I Love Oxford' souvenir bag for her
and she really like it
(i lazy to upload to pic lar)

i will definitely go Japan and find her
bcoz she stay very near to Disneyland LOL

Sayonara Shizuka
i will miss you.... a lot ^^